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The Company has a number of projects in Peru where community involvement is necessitated in a regulatory and operational capacity. Right of access and right to conduct prescribed exploration and mining programs are provided by communities whose lands are affected. It is, in broad terms, no different to that of any other mining destination in the world.

The correct approach to Community programs is to be genuine; to be proactive; to be personal and where possible engaged on a day-to-day basis; to treat the community as you would treat a valued partner. We recognize that we are a foreign company wishing to conduct exploration on lands owned by a community. The core business must be a partnership and both parties must benefit. The glue that bonds this partnership; that fortifies the purpose is the approach and effort all parties commit to the relationship.

Peru: Community and Mining – upliftment through positive legacy exploration and mining


At Chanape, Inca's flagship project in Peru, the overarching objective of Inca's "Community Relations Plan" is to facilitate mutual benefit and, in so doing, community approval of the Company's exploration programs.

This includes "built-in" objectives of:

  • Obtaining access approval to community lands.
  • Obtaining approval for prescribed exploration activities.
  • Establishing Company/community rapport.
  • Establishing consensus as to community upliftment programs.
  • Establishing consensus as to community engagement programs.

Two communities are affected by the Company's operations at Chanape: the Checa community of the township of San Damian and the Parac community of the township of San José de Parac. The Checa community is the rightful surface rights owner of the project lands. Parac community is the rightful surface rights owner of the lands across which access to Chanape is afforded (via San Mateo – NE approach).

COMMUNITY objectives

  • Prevention of social conflicts and the differences that might exist with the local people, during all stages of the project.
  • Effective management of Community Relations with the focus on Corporate Social Responsibility - sustainability of the social and environmental setting. Contributing to the generation of positive impacts on the living conditions and development of the local population.
  • Genuine community upliftment beyond company presence.
  • Build trust and cooperative relations with interest groups in their environment.
  • Generate mutual benefit.

community relations

In 2013 Spanish speaking, Peruvian local, Ms Elsa Saenz was employed by Inca as the Company's socialist. Else specializes in social relations with local communities in Peru. Elsa creates and implements environment and community development programs within the Checa and Parac communities. The Company has implemented two dozen community programs.  Some of these programs include:

  • Training and Environmental Education.
  • Rotation program of direct involvement (employment) in company activities.
  • Local enterprise initiatives.
  • Medical examinations.
  • Immunization programs. 
  • Support of cultural festivities.


Community relations are developed through:

  • Local employment of contractors and staff.
  • Involvement of the district government and local authorities.
  • Use of local resources.
  • Support of local initiatives.
  • Participation in cultural activities of the community.


Information workshops are held to identify:

  • Possible socio-environmental impacts associated with the project from the perspective of the local population.
  • Current possible social conflicts that could adversely affect the operation of the project.


Inca does not make monetary contributions to the local Checa and Parac Communities. Instead it contributes toward community development with donations such as:

  • Packages of books to children in the community.
  • Materials for a drip irrigation system.
  • Repair and maintenance of a police vehicle.
  • Contributions toward sports, games and entertainment.