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The Company recognises its environmental responsibility in conducting exploration activities in Peru’s Andean landscape. As part of the Company’s broader approach to operate at the highest possible standards, it has engaged the services of SNC Lavalin to conduct the Company's environmental programs (as well for the Company’s Community programs).

The Andean landscape of Peru is a sensitive landscape, and yet it is a landscape that has sustained many scales of mining activity over many decades. Our approach to environmental management is to conduct exploration activities with as little environmental impact as possible.


Occurring at elevations of 4,500m above sea level, Chanape’s landscape is described as alpine; well above the tree line, and characterised by rocky mountain slopes and grass-covered valleys.

Google Earth image of the Chanape Project looking to north east, showing the exposed rock of the mountain sides (comprising most of the project area), and the grass-covered valley (left fore-ground). Also visible is the 1930's Chanape Mine adit, existing access tracks and proposed drill holes for 2012 (CH-DDH001 to 003)

The objective of SNV Lavalin's current Environmental Plan is to compile an Environmental Impact Study ("EIS"). The EIS will inter alia:

  • Provide a base-line environmental impact assessment (prevailing pre-Company involvement environmental conditions).
  • Provide environmental management guidelines for future operations.
  • Environmental management covered in the EIS include:
    • Physical Environmental management: inter alia soils, air, water quality, landscape.
    • Biotic Environmental management: plants and animals.
    • Socio-Economic Environmental management: population, infrastructure, health.
    • Human Interest Environmental management: Land use, tourism.

The varied Andean landscape in the vicinity of the Chanape Project area: Left: power-lines traverse a valley near Nyrstar's Coricancha gold-base metals mine. Middle: naturally occuring rock debris on the flanks of an ancient glacial valley. Right: Stone-walled stock yards pictured during the drier months